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[Brand introduction]

LEE MOON WON brand represent natural high quality hair and scalp care line, which originally target everyday care for hair or scalp problems patients in specialized clinic in Korea.




Dr. Lee Moon Won -professor of Korean medicine developed unique system of services, which provide safe and no-side effects/ natural treatment for hair loss.




Due to its high quality and natural originality product line became popular not only among patients, but those who truly care about health of hair and scalp.





LEEMOONWON brand simply provides opportunity for weak hair to look healthier, become healthier and maintain its strength and beautiful look every day!



LEE MOON WON brand has full line of products for professional hair starting from hair roots and scalp tills the hair ends, all types and all seasons.

High quality product and medicated ingredients in each bottle makes it unique to fit requirements as for home as professional use (clinics, beauty salons, hotels, spa).





Detailed Company Information

  • Company NameLMW KOREA Co.Ltd
  • Business TypeManufacturer
  • Year Established2005
  • LocationSouth Korea
  • Main MarketsChina,Hong Kong(China),Japan,South Korea,Kazakhstan,Malaysia,Russia
  • Total Employees 1-50 People
  • Homepage
  • PresidentKim Bo Eun
  • Phone+82-70-7492-5258
  • FAX+82-2-511-6806
  • Address3F,LEE&YU B/D, 69-5, Cheongdam-dong,Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Product Category Beauty & Personal Care > Hair Hygiene > Hair Conditioner
    Beauty & Personal Care > Hair Hygiene > Other Hair Hygiene
    Beauty & Personal Care > Hair Hygiene > Shampoo
    Beauty & Personal Care > Spa Supplies > Spa Essential Oil
    Health & Medical > Herb Medicine

Additional Introduction


LMW Oriental Clinic

The belief that “Hair loss can only be slowed down and cannot be cured» always haunted young doctor Lee Moon Won. «Man is part of nature, and therefore the answers to healing of the body should be searched in the origins of nature itself. Nature is the key to healing body and soul» - said Dr. Lee. So he came to the decision to start research in developing treatment methods for diseases of hair loss.

At the initial stage of development of this area, many doctors doubted in a possibility of opening a clinic doing only a study of hair loss. Despite that thanks to Dr. Lee Moon Won's determination and willingness to help patients, at the moment we have the unique clinic that provides a variety of treatment methods for baldness and a series of medicinal products as well as a system of integrated services to treat problems of hair loss. That is why the Lee Moon Won Oriental Clinic up to this day remains a brilliant embodiment of prestige and personality in the field of Trichology. LMW is not simply Korean Traditional medicine. It is an intertwining of knowledge in which Dr. Lee Moon Won could apply the scientific approach and innovation methods in this field.

LMW is a whole system, the effectiveness of which has been perfected by Dr. Lee Moon Won, who was able to combine the valuable gifts of nature and science.

Lee Moon Won Oriental Clinic has become known worldwide as an expert in the hair loss treatment and baldness, which is based on methods of Korean Traditional medicine. The Clinic staff is making every effort to provide the best medical services to its customers.

The Lee Moon Won Oriental Clinic never stops in achieving its goals and objectives:
GOAL #1. Providing modern and scientific treatment methods for diseases of the scalp and hair. 
GOAL #2. Laboratory studies on safety of medical drugs for the treatment of scalp and hair diseases 
GOAL #3. Constant research on the improvement of medical products for scalp and hair diseases.
GOAL #4. Individual selection of medicinal products based on diagnostic data and other test results.



First hair loss research using laboratory animals for experiments.
(Experiments were conducted on laboratory mice)


Research and medication tests conducted on hair loss related to 40 species of herbal medicinal plants listed in the literature.


Published Articles:
"Study of factors associated with spontaneous hair loss using laboratory mice used as a model."
"Study on Factors Influencing spontaneous hair loss using laboratory mice used as a model."


The creation of "Phytotherapy injection" to be applied point-in scalp.
The clinic specializes in advocating Hair Loss / Scalp Diseases and begins treatment of voluntary patients only.
Published Article:
"Study of the active ingredients at preventing spontaneous alopecia areata".
(Experiments were conducted on laboratory mice) 
Creation of RH2 spray that prevents hair loss and promotes active hair growth.
The article "First Glance on Lee Moon Won Oriental Clinic" was published in the Daily Journal celebrity magazine.


Published scientific thesis: 
"Experimental study of the eastern herbal medicinal plants extracts influencing the hair growth."
Obtaining the certificate ISO 9001/14000 Lee Moon Won, Associate Professor of Korean Medical Institute of Dermatology and Aesthetics.
Presentation of a pro-shampoo «Dr. True»


Creation of a new anti-hair loss product called RH.
The agreement (MOU) signed with the Center for Korean Traditional Medicine Industry on "Product Testing Safety".
A workshop for trichologists professionals organized by the International Association of Trichologists.


Published scientific thesis:
«Experimental study of active components effecting laboratory mice (C57BL / 6N) »
«Comparative experimental study of oriental medical herbs extracts mixture components effecting hair growth in mice with alopecia areata and mice with healthy hair growth»
«Comparative experimental study of oriental medical herbs extracts mixture components effecting hair growth in mice with spontaneous hair loss (С57BL/6N) and mice with healthy hair growth»
Dr. Lee Moon Won received a Scientific degree of Phd.
Creation of RH serum against scalp inflammation.
Presentation of balanced nutrition BB food (Black Balance Food), stimulating the growth and power supply of hair, as well as general health strength.
Conducted research Work: The research task is "to identify the relationship between sleep and hair growth"


Published scientific paper on the subject:
"Research on influence of heredity on the nature of hair loss phenomenon."
(Research was carried out in close cooperation with the Korean Medical Institute of Dermatology and Aesthetics)
Conducted research Work:
"Androgenic hair loss in patients aged 20-30 years."
Conducted research Work:
"Androgenic hair loss in patients aged 40-60 years."
Creation of series RH (RH-S, RH-S (2), RH-S (B) - enhanced formula from hair loss.


Published scientific paper on the subject:
"Study of androgenic alopecia among Korean residents aged between 40 years old."
(Research was carried out in close cooperation with the Korean Medical Institute of Dermatology and Aesthetics)
Published book by Dr. Lee Moon Won:
"The Hope for Hair Loss Treatment"
First pp for iPhone mobile «Hair Loss Checker»
Presentation of a new professional and highly functional product for scalp and hair care under LMW brand.
Presentation of «Saecarm» hair color, designed specifically for people suffering from excessive hair loss.


Opening «LMW Hair-Lab» at the Lee Moon Won Oriental Clinic
Beginning of development of M-Ointment against thinning hair and alopecia areata.
Development and creation of «Seacarm» hair color for people with sensitive scalp.
Products of LMW brand received an award "For the production of competitive products" from the International Trade Association of Korea.
Participation at the «International Beauty Expo 2010" in Malaysia.
Receiving the award from «Hangyoung.Com» for the best product of 2011 in the category of "Medical products for hair"
The design improvement of «Seacarm» hair color.


The design improvement of the LMW set for hair care (4 products in a package set).


Participation in the International Exhibition in Osong (Korea)
Presentation of the LMW products at the Kangnam Medical Tourism Center
Participation at the «International Beauty Expo 2013" in Nagoya (Japan)
Participation in the Korean MBC-Queen TV channel program «Hair Loss Side».


Participation in the international Expo in Philippines.
Participation in the «MITT 2014» International exhibition in Moscow (Russia)
Participation in the «2014 Korean Fair» in Osaka (Japan)
Participation in the « K-pop Festival 2014» in Jakarta (Indonesia)
Participation in the «17th International Welfare and Health Fair» in Nagoya (Japan).


Participation in Japan (Hosted by Korea Tourism Organization)
Award of Contribution plaque for service provided to overseas clients and development of Medical Tourism in Korea by Gangnam district Mayor . 
Participation in <2015 KITF (Kazakhstan International Tourism Fair)>, Almaty, Kazakhstan.
Participation in <2015 BIO&Medical Korea Week> COEX, Seoul, Korea. 
Visit to LEE MOON WON Clinic by each region Opinion Leaders from China organized by Korean Medical Tourism Association. 
Participation in COEX Seoul, Korea.
Placement of LEE MOON WON hair line product in Chinese 'Taobao Get it Beauty' online shopping mall
Visit to LEE MOON WON clinic by Power Bloggers from China and Taiwan hosted by Gangnam-gu Office
Visit to LEE MOON WON clinic by < Khazakhstan Medical Tourism official representatives (Almaty city Deputy Mayor) >.