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LMW Karoganic Wax

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  • MaterialOrganic ingredients of Korean Medicine
  • Size6 * 2 * 6 cm
  • Weight60 mg
  • Payment TermsT/T


  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

Volume: 60ml.


Packing: closure cap container.


Storage: 3 years after manufacture date.


Benefits: organic natural substitution for hair styling product with rich nutrition and protective features for scalp and hair. Simultaneous hair styling and protection!



Evolution of 300 million years needed to form Kaolin. Kaolin helps to protect scalp from impurities and pollution, enriches hair with useful minerals. (Kaolin clay 80% product compound)



-No worries regards styling product use for hair.

-Organic natural ingredients provide not only help, but slylish look.


Recommended for:

-Hair disorder problems and hair styling need.

-Fear or worsening condition while using regular hair styling products.

-Dry scalp, excess of sebum and keratin.